Procedures & Services

Being able to offer services to the community helps ensure that you are getting the necessary care to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Preventative Care/Cleanings: Having routine cleanings, x-rays, and exams/ cancer screenings, help decrease your chances needing fillings or other dental treatments. Whether it’s your first visit or just a check up, we will always perform an oral cancer screening and exam to detect any problems you may have or to let you know how great you are doing!

Tooth Colored (Composite) and Silver Amalgam Fillings: Tooth colored fillings are advantageous they have the ability to match the shade of the tooth, while forming a bond with the tooth. This is great because it allows your tooth to remain looking natural. We also offer silver fillings which are also very durable and can last for a very long time.

Crowns & Bridges: Crowns are indicated when you have a tooth that has broken/chipped, need replacement of large fillings or if the tooth has a large cavity. Crowns help reduce the chance of teeth breaking in the future, while giving the tooth a natural look. Bridges are great options for those who are looking to fill in spaces where teeth are missing.

Complete & Partial Dentures: These are utilized to replace areas of multiple missing teeth. Complete is when you are missing all teeth on the upper or lower arch, while a partial is designed to fill in spaces of 1 or more teeth in an arch.

Extractions: This is required when you have a tooth or teeth that cannot be saved or has a low rate of survival.

Root Canals: This procedure happens when a tooth has an infection or when the nerve of the tooth is unable to heal on its own.

Implants: These are posts that are inserted into the bone to help replace missing teeth or help improve denture retention.